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Onsite New Computer Setup / Installation


Service Includes:

  • System updates so you’ll get the latest features and patches.
  • Removal of unwanted programs and bloatware slowing your new machine down.
  • New user account setup for one user.
  • Optimization of your new system startup.
  • Data transfer from your old system to new, to include: (Up to 50GBs)
    • Pictures
    • Documents
    • Internet Browser Favorites/Bookmarks (Please note, we will try, but do not guarantee to transfer your online passwords)
    • Music
    • Movies
    • Due to how Windows handles programs, we CANNOT transfer programs. You’ll need the installers for all your desired software to include Microsoft Office, Quickbooks and the like
  • Printer installation: We’ll install one printer, via USB (recommended, with customer supplied USB cable) or via your network if your printer is network capable.*

Services NOT included:

  • Coaching or tutorials. If you’d like to learn how to use your new computer, we’d be glad to teach you, but please book us for a training session, not for this service.
  • Software installation to include antivirus software, Microsoft Office, productivity software, or any other third party software. This service is just for the basic unboxing and setup of your new Windows PC or Laptop. We are partnered with Webroot and sell antivirus software, as an extra service, if you were interested. Please see our page here to learn more.

*You must have an active Internet service and at the very least a local network router. The friendly local technician will be able to tell you if your printer is capable of being installed via your network if you have any questions when they arrive onsite.

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